The one-handed, quick release, single-use tourniquet


Single-use Tourniquets

A high proportion of re-usable tourniquets are contaminated with blood and bacteria pathogens.  Their use contradicts hospital infection control protocols and we therefore recommend the use of disposable tourniquets. 3

The risk of MRSA contamination in re-usable tourniquets has been documented to be as high as 25%1. With over 40 million procedures a year requiring the use of a tourniquet, this puts a high percentage of your patients at unnecessary risk of infection. To help you combat this Vygon offers VENE-K, the quick release, disposable tourniquet that not only helps support infection control but also improves patient comfort.


Up to 60% of hospital staff uniforms test positive for colonisation with pathogenic bacteria, including drug resistant organisms2.  The disposable nature of  VENE-K ensures it harbours no bacteria from cross-contamination, helping improve infection control and patient hospital experience.

Quick Release

The unique quick release button enables the VENE-K to be removed with one hand, improving the user’s ability to multi-task during the procedure and infection prevention compliance.


The high quality soft latex-free material ensures that VENE-K provides maximum comfort for all patients. The forgiving design and material of the tourniquet minimises the risk of pinching or over-tightening. VENE-K also has the unique ability to be joined together to make a longer tourniquet for larger patients while still retaining the quick release feature


The bright and vibrant colour means that VENE-K is easily identifiable against the patient’s skin, minimising the risk of the tourniquet being accidentally left in place.

VENE-K’s ease of use helps deliver optimal compliance to Trust policy for the use of a disposable tourniquet, preventing clinicians from reverting to their re-usable tourniquets. Therefore VENE-K delivers ‘best in class’ compliance in infection control.

 VENE-K1     VENE-K2     VENE-K3

Paediatric VENE-K®

The only quick release button, disposable paediatric tourniquet

Safe and Secure

Paediatric VENE-K is designed with smaller patients in mind, offering the same benefits as standard VENE-K. The soft latex-free material and quick-release button offer peace of mind for both the patient and user by minimising the risk of the tourniquet being over tightened and cutting off blood flow.


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