aim at ZERO

Our simple five step plan is designed to introduce effective products and services at key stages during IV Therapy and Vascular Access. Each stage is supported by Vygon’s reputation for high quality products and services, all working to help you aim at ZERO.



Bespoke, sterile procedural packs

Procedure packs deliver all the components needed in one single, sterile unit, improving aseptic control.  This potentially leaves patients less exposed to healthcare acquired infections. North Bristol NHS Trust saved £118,000 on annual theatre spend using a custom pack.



The one-handed, quick release, single-use tourniquet

Reusable tourniquets have been shown to be colonised with bacteraemia such as MRSA. The average cost of a HAI is over £3,000.1 With this sum you could buy over 10,000 single-use VENE-K and eliminate the risk of cross contamination.

Paediatric VENE-K®

The only quick release button, disposable paediatric tourniquet

Paediatric VENE-K is designed with smaller patients in mind, offering the same benefits as standard VENE-K. The soft latex-free material and quick-release button offer peace of mind for both the patient and user by minimising the risk of the tourniquet being over tightened and cutting off blood flow.


MaxFlo Expert

CT-rated, silver impregnated PICC

Silver impregnated catheters have 58% lower microbial colonisation compared to standard PICCs. MaxFlo Expert protects your patients from the most common pathogens. MaxFlo Expert is the only PICC you will need, ensuring  best practice and optimum patient care throughout IV therapy.


Antibiotic incorporated, chlorhexidine-free CVCs

Studies show Rifampicin and Miconazole impregnated catheters such as Multistar had a zero CVC-BSI rate per 1000 catheter days in central internal jugular and femoral insertion sites compared to standard catheters. (8)


Allowing you more time to place the catheter under less pressure.

Insertion of arterial lines into small vessels can be technically challenging, particularly if the patient is hypotensive or peripherally vasoconstricted. Leadercath arterial offers the classic Seldinger method. This technique has demonstrated a significantly higher rate of success than the direct threading method.

ArterioSel provides a classic Seldinger technique for arterial cannulation with minimal blood loss and clear visualisation of arterial access.


Antimicrobial impregnated PICC for neonates

The only antimicrobial impregnated 1FR PICC with innovative Star Technology for parenteral nutrition and the administration of medicine for preterm babies.



The clear, split-septum needle-free solution

Vadsite is a clear, split-septum needle-free device with glass syringe compatibility.Vadsite has been designed to meet global opinion leaders’ recommendations for reducing CRBSIs with a fixed, straight fluid pathway which offers improved blood clearing and a low priming volume.



Unique, disposable passive disinfection device

The average healthcare acquired infection costs over £3,000 in the NHS 1. Curos was shown to reduce infection rates to 0 in 1,000 catheter days in recent studies. Curos helps to standardise practice and delivers ~5 log reductions in gram positive and negative microorganisms.

*Curos is a trademark of the 3M Company.

National IV Port Cleaning Survey Results