VENE-K Single-use Tourniquet

25% of re-usable tourniquets have been found to have MRSA contamination.

VENE-K single-use tourniquets eliminate this issue.

Curos Port Protector

Curos Port Protectors have shown an 86% reduction in Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI).

Vadsite Needle-free Device

Vadsite has been evaluated by the Association of Safe Aseptic Practice to promote effective aseptic technique.

MaxFlo Expert PICC

Silver impregnated catheters have 58% lower microbial colonisation compared to standard PICCs. MaxFlo Expert protects your patients from the most common pathogens.

Multistar CVC

200 patients can be protected with Multistar for the additional costs associated with one CRBSI.

Multistar antibiotic incorporated, chlorhexidine-free CVCs protect patients from infections.

VYSET Custom Packs

Procedure packs deliver all the components needed in one single, sterile unit, improving aseptic control. This potentially leaves patients less exposed to healthcare acquired infections.


Allowing you more time to place the catheter under less pressure.

aim at ZERO

aim at ZERO is a new campaign by Vygon (UK) Ltd to help drive down hospital infection rates, enhance patient care and cut associated on-costs.

Reducing Infections

“In 2004, the Department of Health confirmed that 300,000 was the best estimate of the number of healthcare associated infections per year. The estimated cost to NHS hospitals of caring for people that acquire a healthcare associated infection is over £1 billion a year.” 1.

There have been many guidelines published to try and help reduce the rate of HAIs, such as:

•   Matching Michigan

•   Saving Lives 

•   Winning Ways 

•   epic3

The Matching Michigan report in 2012 concluded “The marked reduction in CVC-BSI rates in English ICUs found in this study is likely part of a wider secular trend for a system-wide improvement in healthcare-associated infections.” 2.

Five Steps to ZERO

The aim at ZERO initiative involves using a simple five step plan, providing infection reduction solutions at key stages of IV Therapy, CVC Insertion and Vascular Access. Each of these solutions is designed to help improve current practice and are supported by both clinical studies and technical data:

1. Preparation
2. Application
3. Insertion
4. Access
5. Protection.

Training and Education

aim at ZERO is a complete initiative designed to help hospitals reduce infection rates. Not only does it involve the introduction of market-leading products but it is also backed by our commitment for Trust-wide training and education. We offer best practice training in line with local and national guidelines on all of our products to ensure they are being used to maximum effect. aim at ZERO utilises a number of key training and education programmes such as; Conversion Management, Vascular Access Workshops, Needle-free Auditing and Product Training to help support your infection reduction goals.